The Gate of Nations is an Iranian site that governs all the laws and regulations of the Islamic Republic of Iran .
Dear user , your membership and registration in gate of the nations means your complete knowledge of the rules and regulations governing the site. .
In accordance with the law of 74 e-commerce, approved by the Islamic Consultative Assembly on 17/10/82, and the fact that the this website is the database of all industries, is responsible for defective rights of users in the above law, such as reproduction, distribution, or any contrary content. The laws of Iran is under responsibility of the users .
use of images and content inconsistent with the contrary or Islamic law is prohibited .
Insults and libel are prohibited for public authorities, public organizations, and the dissemination of lies and disturbing public opinion. .
Publication of confidential information of the country and persons and political and intangible content on the site is not permitted .
The responsibility for the unauthorized insertion of all material that the intellectual property rights belong to other natural or legal persons is the responsibility of the user. .
All the contents of the software And The projects of the site of the Gate of the Nations belong to the Bazarsazan Novin Mihan Co. and all its rights are prosecuted. .
The impersonation of individuals and legal entities, including companies and institutions and the provision of information on their behalf, is not permitted. .
Avoid publishing any unprotected material about the destruction of individuals, competitors and other companies .
The user is said to have a genuine or legal organization or organization in relation to the production or supply of or services in the business industry. The user must have the identity documents of the following organizations and submit the information to the organization and the relevant management after registration to confirm the identity of the organization.
The user has been authorized to register the goods and services authorized in the country and includes items such as weapons, drugs, Alcoholics, neuroses and other drugs should be avoided .
The information sent by the user is considered confidential and the gateway of the nations will do its best to maintain it. However, if it is abused by any third party without the consent of the user, the site will not be held responsible for its information. .
Users are responsible for maintaining their passwords and user code, and the responsibility for the activities that are carried out under the name of the account or password is to the users. And it will not be a responsibility of the gateway of the nations. .
The Gate of nations is authorized to control the images and any content uploaded by the user and after being confirmed on the site. .
The gate of the nations reserves this right If the members violate the laws and regulations of the site, the membership agreement will be abolished unilaterally. .
A way to contact the Gateway with you via email or texting will be the only officially approved official to contact you on the official site of this site and there is no way other than this to contact you. .
The way users communicate with experts only through addresses Cited in the contact section .
All orders registered in the profile will be verified and will be uploaded to the site and sent to the user via email. Etc.
The Gate of Nations will do our utmost to promote the prosperity of our business in our beloved country

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