About Gate To Iran


We in BNM Co. , With the always dreaming of making synergy and  convergence industries in approach to export,  decided to facilitate a comprehensive database of  industries as a joint websites of  ” Gate of  Nations ” and ” Gate To Iran ” In order to provide its services to the Iranian SME’s and to the world trade value chain.

Gate-To-Iran is provided in order to promote trade , specially export of  domestic products and attract foreign investments,

Gate-To-Iran Services

1-Training and consulting services to the company’s  – export approach goals

2-Commercial and communication services ,  B2B

3- Structuring and classification of merchandise based on standard systems HS Code for SME’s

4- Analyze and review the statistics and information of each commodity in the global supply chain for SME’s

5- Presentation of the exhibition calendar of Iran and other countries of the world for SME’s

6- Create opportunities for the commercialization of SME’s in the country

7- Quick product search system based on the HS code – e-procurement

8- Providing economic and commercial information to more than 150 countries in local language for local SME’s


  • We want to facilitate trade anywhere in the world for Iranian SME’s and connect them to the world trade value chain.
  • We want to introduce the culture and commercial potential of our country to the world.
  • We will show the individual market demands specifically to our SME’s to make them adjust their products to be comptetable .
  • We do our utmost in order to increase the country’s share in global trade and value.
  • We will help SME’s to improve their business Infrastructure and use new technologies.

             ”    We beleive , All these will make the world a better place  to live “

Gate to iran